Hi! My Name Is Zully!

Hi there!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Zully and I’m so excited to share with you experiences and life challenges that I’ve accumulated over the years as a student, mother, and wife.  Sometimes things are easy and other times they are just plain awful.  Some are small struggles while others are giant hurdles.  But one thing I have learned, that I hope I can help others with, is that situations are always changing and opportunities often present themselves in order for us to make things better.  However, those are not always obvious to us and, at times, we require a little help in seeing things in a different light.  

I’m a mother of two superb, clever young ladies, ages 10 and 14.  As you can imagine they are my pride and joy.  The other wonderful person in my life that is equally responsible for these amazing creatures is my husband of 16 years.  Oh and let’s not forget our youngest of all…Chloe, our 5 year old chocolate lab/pit bull mix.  She really is my third child that might never grow up.  

My passion in therapy is in promoting resiliency and strength in families, couples, and individuals.  I love seeing how children can blossom into their roles as teens and young adults.  However, these transitions are not always a smooth ride for everyone involved.  There are bumps along the way.  Many times people get stuck in patterns that are constricting or unproductive.  I help to explore alternative ways of handling and perceiving such challenges.  

So, along the way you will find that I tend to share with you experiences of my own, new developments in studies and research, and techniques that I feel can be useful in strengthening your relationship with yourself and others.  Thanks for reading and keep learning to keep growing!